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Katie Richard

Destiny, signed paperback

Destiny, signed paperback

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What if your Destiny made you sacrifice your humanity and pledge yourself to creatures you thought only existed in fairytales?

A young adult fantasy romance novel, the first in the series, Destiny Of Graystone, is set in a secretive world that protects humans from the dark ones. Sierra’s true identity has been hidden from her by her parents for her whole life. Her parents are taken hostage by the evil immortal Excalibur, throwing Sierra’s life as she knows it out the window. The only way to save her family is to make the transition into an immortal herself, saying goodbye forever to the girl she was before. The immortal world she joins has plenty of secrets of its own that the authorities would like to keep buried.

From the back cover:
Sierra’s world is torn upside down on her 18th birthday when a man who calls himself a dreamwalker visits Sierra in her dreams and starts unraveling her past. Can she believe Dante that her parents are withholding her true identity from her? Or should Sierra trust that her parents are not hiding a dark secret? A plane crash caused by a vendetta toward her family starts to reveal the depth of what has been hidden from her, and what she must do to get her family back. But should she choose the dangerous life that could help rescue her family, she would not only risk her life going through the transition but would also have to say goodbye to the life she knows and her best friends forever. Forced to live a life that humans can never know exists.

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